This New Year

I want to start with an apology to anyone who is reading this thinking “Where the hell did that girl go?” Well it has been quite interesting these past few months, but now all seems to be back to normal (whatever normal really is).

I had many life changes starting last fall, and it has taken me until now to get back to the fibery goodness in my life. I broke up my relationship with a very nice guy (he just wasnt mr. Right); moved into my own apartment


Yup It has It’s own Yarn/Craft Closet!!!!

Adapted to the new surroundings and bill pay shuffle; and I still have my day-job (LionBrand/JordianPaige has still yet to call me about my dream job) but I am working on a promotion which means I have been spending more time at work. With all of these things happening all at once I became very stressed and ended up in the hospital for a few days (I’m perfectly fine now thank you).  But for some unknown reason instead of delving deeper into my sanctuary of Fiber, I actually had to back away.

This is the reason I know that i am completely back to being me, because I am obsessed again with all things fiber.

And so I give you the project I am currently working on.


This scarf was actually suppose to be a triangle shawl (a free pattern from Michael’s) Somewhere in the beginning I miss read the pattern, and so instead of Froging it I decided it is my personal way of Rebelling against societies ideals and need for perfection in everything.


This project is actually my First Commission sale. It is a table runner I found on Ravelry. The buyer will remain nameless. I am thoroughly enjoying making this, it is made with Sugar’n Cream Cotton in the Earth Ombre colorway.

This post comes quite conveniently at the same time as this blogs first birthday. Hopefully Many More!

Happy Hooking!


Liebster Blog Award

I have recently been sent an acknowledgement from a fellow blogger that I have been awarded/nominated the Liebster award. After some research I found the original Blog post (and Creator of the Liebster) at Bird of Paradise, who is a German, thus the actually name of the award is the Love Blog award. I also found out that many of the rules have changed over the 2 years this chain mail award have been in existence.

I do want to thank the lovely Rainbow Junkie, for nominating me. It is an honor to be known by a fellow crafty blogger.

The rules of the current award may be found at RJ’s webpage, and I think I will do my own variation of the current rules mixed with the Original rule from the Bird of Paradise  blog. I realize that the German blog is of course in German (crazy right and we thought everyone spoke English). So I put the whole thing into Google translate and came up with this ROUGH English version:

“So here are the instructions:
You have been tagged and want to participate?
Create a post by you and post the Love Blog image and the instructions. You should also link to the blog of the person who gave you the award and inform them by Commenting in her blog that you leave out the award annimst & her the link of your posts Award. Then you are thinking about you 3-5 favorite blogs that you follow in your post link them & the respective owners by Comment on their blog – function will inform that they have been tagged and here follows putting its link to the post, where the declaration is. Love Blog: The aim of this action is that we bring unknown blogs to light, so I would you ask any blogs to items that already have been 3,000 readers, but talented beginners and people that although blogging been a while but still not as well known.”

The differences of these rule and the current Liebster rules are that there is a questionnaire (which I like, it helps us get to know one another and the readers learn a bit more about the crazy in our minds).  And to nominate 11 blogs instead of 3-5. I think 11 is a bit much so I think I will stick with the Original rules on that one.

The following questions are from the blog of the Rainbow Junkie.

1) Why did you start a blog?

* I started a blog for several reasons; mostly to keep me inspired the craft I love. Also I found that out of the blogs I follow there is not one of JUST Crochet they were all knitting (though there is nothing wrong with that), or they were technical blogs of just stitches, and no fun. So I want to bring the Fun Back to Crochet Blogs.

2) How many blogs do you follow?

* Religiously, I follow one blog and two blog/video-casts ( these will be linked in later).

3)What makes you happy?

*Good food, a Clean House, and LOTS of Craft Time.

4)What is your favorite food?

* It changes periodically, but as a constant there is deviled eggs (No Relish), Salmon, Cobb salad, and Lidnt Whit Chocolate Truffles.

5)What sort of weather do you like best?

* In Florida the best time of year is Fall because after the sweltering heat of summer, the cool nights and breezy days are a welcome change.

6)Which famous person would you most like to meet?

* I would have to say a young Frank Sinatra. I just want him to sing to me for a while.

7)Where would you most like to go for a holiday?

* I have alway wanted to see the changing leave of fall, since they don’t really change in Florida. So I think a fall holiday on Drummond Island Michigan, would be perfect. Or I can go in Winter (I’ve never seen Snow either).

8)What sort of books do you like to read?

*Usually I prefer historical Fiction/Romance, but lately I have been really getting into yarn mystery’s and knitting novels.

9) What style of music do you prefer?

*I listen to Country in the car, but if I had a choice it would be Jazz, or a Sinatra/Adele/Micheal Buble mix.

10) What characteristic do you hope other people will most value in you?

*My attention to detail, Great Listener, and the ability to make my friends laugh but my goofiness.

(I hate odd numbers, even prime ones, so I cut out a question Sorry it’s and OCD thing)

Now, on to my nominees, And the Awards go to:

******Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The YarnHarlot)

******Laura and Leslie (The KnitGirllls)

******Amy Beth (TheFatSquirrelSpeaks)

Thank you all for reading my musing’s. I hope you enjoys this peek into my mind, and please check out the above blogs there are amazing.

Happy Hooking!

The Mad-Crafter!!

The holidays are once again upon us. It is this wonderful time of year that Family comes together to celebrate each other and gorge themselves on tons of food, but let’s not forget the gifts. Along with the wonders of the fall and winter season are just as many horrible side-effects. Such as the couple of pounds added to our waistlines (No one is immune to it), and especially the “Mad-Crafter” syndrome. This is much like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, except with lots more papers/scissors/yarns/fabrics and any other crafty supplies.

The Mad-Crafter is a state of mind in which a crafty guy or girl feels the need to Craft All The Things!! This state is most common around the end of year holidays.

As an admittedly Mad-Crafter, I have compiled a list of things which I wish to make for my closet family and friends. I think I should make it clear that, only one object per person would make my list around 30+ projects. . . not to mention the multitude of things I am dieing to whip up for myself. From how much time I have to craft and how long it takes me per item, I looks like this gifts won’t see the light of day until Christmas 2020.

Although I can’t share all of my secrets with you  (mostly because a lot of my readers are gift recipients). I  will let you in on a few gift’s on my to-do  list for the next holiday.

For my niece I am planing on crocheting up an adorable doll by Loops & Threads (which is the store brand for Michaels craft store) but I think I will change to colors so it is not strictly a Christmas toy. This is a free pattern at the Michaels Website.

Of course for my wonderful fiance I am still attempting the socks but I have come a great ways since first starting and I think I could actually make them before the end of the year (yeah right how am I fooling?).

P.S. Remember the sweaters worth of yarn I eluded to a few posts ago? Well its here and I am so excited to start on my first adult garment ( which of course will be for me, mostly because I would hate to mess up horribly an expect some else to have to wear a disastrous sweater Just because I want it).

11 skeins of beautiful green.  For this sweater pattern found at Knit Picks.

Wish me luck to keep my cool this month! What are your crafty plans for the holiday season?

Keep Calm and Crochet on!

Jordana Paige Review

Who isn’t looking for that one perfect bag that can hold all your essentials and your yarn craft projects. I found a company who has this ideal in mind. Jordana Paige, this is a USA company which it based pout of California. These bags have become very popular in the yarn craft community mostly because of their versatility.

Many different blogs and Video pod-casts have reviewed Jordana Paige’s bags, I have been hard pressed to find a bad review of these bags. Some review videos can be found at the Jordana Paige website.

Not to long ago, about 3 months, I was lucky enough to purchase a L.J Kaelms. I have been fairly pleased with it so far. I am a bit O.C.D, so these bags are right up my alley; with all the pockets for hooks, needles, pens and such. I also like how tall this particular bag is (it is the second tallest, the Messenger being #1), which allows for patterns or a Tablet.

Yes Mine is in Red.

Although these bags are a bit on the expensive side (around $89 apiece), it is well worth the investment. I have heard of women using their JP’s for multiple years with no noticeable wear on them.

I am very hard on my purses, and I have noticed a bit of wear on mine. Like one of the metal feet on the bottom of the bag has fallen off, also there are a couple of scratches on the backside of the bag; mostly likely from a belt with metal grommets which scraped the side. Other than that, I Love this bag!

During the month of October, JP is offering a deal of 10% off the Knitter’s Satchel (which brings down the price to $80.10), in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The only color offered is Pink, and with every purchase of a Satchel 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Also with each purchase of the Satchel you will receive a 10% off coupon code to Hazel Knits Colorway of the Month; which happens to be Pink Ribbon, for October.

This is gorgeous bag, I have been wanting a second JP for a while now and I think This might be just the perfect time to buy a new knitting bag and help contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness.

What is your favorite Project bag?

Happy Hooking!

Oh the Irony

As this year’s ILY day draws to a close, we are smitten even more with the fibery goodness that makes up who we are as crafters. Some of you may have brought your craft to work today, or made a piece of jewelry to wear, or ordered/received a new yarn at the LYS or online. But while most of you had an amazing day with yarn, I had my hopes crushed.
Let me elaborate. . .

This morning began like any other; except for  the amazing anticipation for the yarn I ordered from MaryMaxim. Bernat Satin yarns 6skiens, enough to make 2 prayer shawls as Christmas gifts for family members. I had previously missed the UPS guy before and was hopeful to be there when he/she came back the second time. Alas it was not to be, I missed them again!

I called UPS and asked them to hold the package for me to pick it up in person this evening. I trudged down to the warehouse customer care center, and I was thwarted again! The driver wasn’t back yet and wouldn’t be for another 45 minutes.

I am not one for which patience is an option, (pair that with not having any yarn to play with) but I decided that this would be worth the wait. Then I could go home and fondle my new wonderful yarns, to start my holiday gifting lists.  I made it through, received my package and went home.

While in my crafty corner, with an ice cold cola. I opened the lovely bag of fiber goodness. Immediately my face fell. The colors were to bright than what was showed online, I wanted subtle colors and I got 3skeins of BRIGHT Variegated red/green/cream/pink, and 3skeins of a To Dark brown.

After a moment to compose myself I figured it was my monitor’s error, and I didn’t see the true coloring. I could deal with it, it is still lovely useable yarn. It is possible to make the shawls, they will just be a bit different than I imagined. . . Then I noticed that the variegated yarn looked a bit smaller than the brown ones. I checked the label and sure enough brown: 100g. and Variegated:80g. Then just out of curiosity I looked at my pattern for the shawl  to check the grams needed “3 skeins of 120g. Bernat Satin yarn”. This means I need another skein of each at least.

I flipped!! Not only were the colors off majorly but I didn’t have even close to enough to make the shawls.

What to do now, resell the skeins, try and return them, or Keep Calm and Order More Yarn!

The irony of this day is vexing.

Happy Hooking!

I Love Yarn Day

October 12th 2012, is “I Love Yarn Day”! What are you going to do to celebrate Yarn Day? The Craft Yarn Council has a website dedicated to I♥YD (I Love Yarn Day). Also the editor of Crochet Today mentioned it in her opening letter of the Sept/Oct 2012 issue. There are many ways to celebrate Yarn Day (most of which are posted at the craft council website). Some of the ideas for I♥YD include. . .

I Love Yarn Day Oct. 14, 2011

Create an I Love Day Yarn badge: Patterns for Badges are on CYC (Craft Yarn Council)

Teach someone to knit or crochetWith the popularity of Yarn craft increasing lately will be an easy job to help someone who is just starting out, or to teach a new enthusiast of Yarn how to knit or crochet.

Do something for charity: There are many charities available to anyone who would like to donate their time or a crafted item, Warm Up America is associated with ILY day through the CYC. Also the Linus Project is another great charity making blankets for children. Most churches often have charity groups who make blankets for the homeless, or baby hats and clothes for hospitals. Check out your local area charities to get involved.

Wear a knitted or crocheted item: Anything could be worn if you try hard enough. Low on time? Why not make a quick chain bracelet, ring, or headband to show your love for yarn.

Give a gift of yarn:  Do you have friends or relatives that love yarn too? Why not give them a new yarn, maybe something you know they have been wanting to buy or try out themselves. How about a novelty yarn just for fun, or maybe a lovely luxury yarn for something special. For the Non-Yarnies in your life why not make something special for them just to remind them you care.

Take your yarn to work day: Incorporating Yarn into your working area is easy. If your boss will allow it, decorate your work space with some adorable crochet flowers or Yarn covered office organizers. I love to bring my crochet projects to work, so I can work on them during my lunch hour (I feel productive and relaxed when I get back from my break because of my crafting time).

Pen and Pencil Holders Office Supplies Crochet Set of Two Cans Upcycled Tin Can Unisex

Have a Yarn-A-Bration: Get some friends together and craft, or maybe do a yarn-swap! By bringing your old unwanted yarns together their maybe someone who needs/wants just what you got and you can pick something new for yourself. Don’t for get the snacks, drinks, and good music!

Knit, crochet and craft in public: No matter if your out to lunch, waiting in line, at the doctors office, or at the park; bring your yarn with you! Don’t be shy everyone who is looking at you is thinking just how amazing you are, because you are able to make something great out of a bit of fiber! I bet you will get many people interested in Yarn Crafting too, we are not in a super secret club, anyone can join! Also if you are the brave one to start crafting Out Loud first, then you won’t be alone for long.

Tweet it, Tag it, Like it, Share It, Pin it: This is self explanatory, use your favorite social media sites and post LOTS of stuff about Yarn Day or yarn related things!!

Go to your LYS: Knitmap is a great place to find out about your Local Yarn Shops (LYS). I found that it is much simplier then trying to hassel with google search results. Many LYS in my area include; StitchWorm, The Flying Needles, Tampa UpCycle, Knit N Knibble, Fiber Art Inc, and Uncommon Threads.

Join a Fiber Social Media site: There are many sites to join that are yarn friendly or fiber based such as; Ravelry, Crochet Spot, Crochet Me, or Crochetville. Join one today and “hook-up” with other Yarnies.

Have a Happy Yarn Day!

Happy Hooking!

Bread Crumb Trail

Have you ever been lost in the “in-between”, or as I call it “Yarn Purgatory”? It is the state of mind that come after finishing your current PHD; in which your mind goes completely blank as to what to hook next? (Usually this happens only if you are a Monogamist hooker * later post will describe this in detail*)

While lost in this Purgatory it is in-advisable to watch your normal yarn based pod-casts (especially if you are one to craft during said pod-casts). Doing this causes extreme yarn envy and/or a slight depression upon seeing the pod-caster’s projects and yarn. It is also in advisable to stay up late that night and search for projects and where to order the yarn from. (please note the date and time this blog posted at 2:10am *I am ashamed*)

Other notes about Purgatory; you NEVER have the right yarn, in the right amount on hand for ANY project you wish to start. it is just a fact we have to deal with, it will be okay though. In this situation continue your project search with the specification of your stash yarn (Ravelry has this option under their projects search engine). This will help you get through the evening without buying a sweater’s worth of beautiful hunter green DK weight yarn for that new beginner’s sweater pattern you saw on, or having it sent to you express shipping for the extra $10 *I am ashamed*.

When in Doubt turn off the computer turn on the radio and whip up some washcloths.

Unless you want nice and fancy washcloths then it would not be a good idea to spends hours on Google searching for that “one absolutely perfect washcloth pattern”.

Good luck, if you find a way out… Leave a trail of yarn behind.

P.S. I’ll post picture of this amazing yarn as soon as it gets here!

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