Day at the Market

In the Tampa bay area there are many lovely Farmer’s Markets, but the one that I enjoy most is the Saturday Morning Market. It is such a wonderful way to get involved with community events and to support local artists, shops and restaurants. This week I found a vendor, Billie, who is right up my alley; she spins, knits, crochets, and teaches others all the above. I love shopping at Funny Face Farms.

Billie also helped me with some mohair fiber. She spun it up from goat hair locks while I browsed the rest of the Market. It was reasonably priced and I got my first skeins of luxury yarn.

It all came out to about 100 yards. I had hoped to use it to make a lace work shawl for summer nights but I am having trouble finding a shawl pattern that uses this much yarn (I might have to go Renegade and make it up myself, or go back and buy more of that delightful stuff). I am definitely going to be a repeat customer of Funny Face Farms.

If anyone knows of a pattern I can adapt to mohair I’d appreciate a link or idea.


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