Busy Bee

This week has been an interesting one to say the least. I recently got a promotion at my day job (unfortunately the lovely people at Lion Brand have yet to realize my incredible talent); which means more hours away from my projects and blog (fret not, I will find the time somewhere, who really needs sleep anyways?).

In other news, my fiance just had hernia surgery which means that I get the pleasure of waiting on him hand and foot until he can go back to work (5 more days!). But on a lighter note while Joe was under the knife I got so much done you would have thought I was super woman (including but not limited to: going the supermarket twice, then to the fresh fruit and veg stand, taking care of my puppy, and then still finding time to work on a project in the waiting room while Joe was waking up from the anesthesia).

Yes indeed it has been a very busy week but I did happen to have  some moments to myself at night to work on my beachy pillow and listen to Adele.

I think the colors are coming a long beautifully, don’t you?

Just in case anyone would like to know this is my puppy Tasha.

I’ve come up with many more ideas to talk about so. . .

Keep Calm and Crochet On


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