An Interesting Proposition



Recently my fiance and I had a very rare off day together (with our variable schedules it is once in a blue moon). On this day we went to breakfast somewhere new (I like to think we are breakfast restaurant connoisseurs ), had some time to run errands and spend time together as the little family we are (Joe, myself and Tasha our puppy). Our Big event for the day was when we decided to drive an hour and a half south to Sarasota, in order to go to Yoder’s.

Yoder’s is an Amish restaurant that has amazing food that is decently priced for the portion sizes, which are  huge!

After gorging ourselves on pressure fried chicken and Chocolate peanut butter cream pies, we took a much-needed walk to the small shops around the restaurant (which are all affiliated with Yoder’s). The produce stand and deli were so nice with fresh local and organic groceries I could have spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. It was the Gift shop that caught my attention though.

In the beautiful gift shop I found so many trinkets and quirky items I really wanted to buy (for no reason or purpose than its cuteness). I also found an entire drawer of Crocheted wash cloths and a small basket of baby hats. Before we left I asked the cashier who made the crocheted items, she was not 100% positive but sad it might be someone from Ohio. OHIO!!! Why in the world would they buy handmade crocheted things from someone out of state when there are so many fiber artists more local?

This is my question, would it be worth it to make the effort to approach the owners of Yoder’s, with my own crochet expertise? I know that I would have to figure out how long it would take, and  how much it would cost me to make the wash cloths. Also adding shipping (which I assume would be less than from Ohio) plus a little extra for my time and effort. I also have to take into account the demand (if I can keep up or not with the sales).

What are your thoughts on this subject?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole Keen
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 13:44:48

    Yes, it would be worth it it. Dishcloths are not that hard or time consuming to make, and you can probably whip one out in about an hour or two (if that!). You could also present them with other cute items, like baby booties/socks, headbands, beanies, etc. All of which I’m sure are not that difficult to do with your God-given talent. Good luck!


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