The other side of Back to School

Does the phrase “Back to School” make you twinge? How about the thought of having to rearrange your schedule again to accommodate kids going  to and from school or the swarms of people shopping for the best deals on school supplies? Well in our great state of Florida we have a “holiday” weekend for this wonderful time of year called the “tax free” holiday. This is one weekend in August when not only are there no taxes on back to school items (including office supplies, clothes, shoes etc.) but most stores also add-on extra savings with sales on selected merchandise to entice customers to come into their store and spend money for the new school year.

Well for this frugal OCD crafty girl,”Back to School Sale” is some of the sweetest words  I hear every year. Why you ask? Wll since I do not have any children of my own (nieces and nephews not counting); this time of year is the perfect time to inventory and reorganize all of my crafting supplies. Many of the supplies you need for your craft are the ones you could get at the super center at a reduced price, instead of paying the mark-up at a specialty store. Such supplies include scissors, rulers, tape measure, journals, or “notion” bags (just buy a cute zipped pencil-case for cheaper). Please don’t get me wrong, I am a great advocator of shopping locally and supporting my home-town craft shops; but some times a penny saved is a penny earned.

Remember my Yarn Corner Picture, from the previous post “Stash Buster”? How  do you like my remodel?

I also got some new goodies from the “BtSS” (Back to School Sale), page protectors, dividers, graphic paper and a binder. Which I used to organize all my loose projects and add a section to create my own designs.


My last Organizer was beginning to look a little rough and I liked the pattern on the binder.

Last but Not least, some very exciting news. Joe knows how frustrating it is for me to carry around a purse AND a project bag, plus the strain on my shoulders is not healthy. So out of the kindness of his heart,  Joe has bought me a Jordana Paige Crochet bag/Purse (she calls it a “knitting bag” but I’m biased). I Ordered it 8/5/12 on UPS Ground so I hope to get it in about a week. I will definitely be sporting this beauty at the Florida Fiber In (see info in the events tab at top of screen).

P.S. If your interested I got it in Red, I normally buy such things in green but I wanted to mix it up. Plus Red is a great color to accompany me into fall and winter.

P.S.S. I am going to be crocheting baskets to put in the cabinet to hold my yarn and stuffs; a good pattern for baskets I found is at CraftFoxes.


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