No I am not referring to the hit movie “The Mask” with Jim Carrie (although it was hilarious). I am talking about the Mask Parade, which will be a part of this year’s FFI (Florida Fiber In). There is a Forum thread on Ravelry all about the Mask parade, and rules to making your own entry. This years Florida Fiber In theme is Italy. So in honor of Italy, this parade is for handmade Venetian Masks modeled after the Carnevale, which is held every year in Venice.

I have decided to get a head start on my mask, so I went to my local craft store and picked up a plain mask. They had two styles, Full face and a smaller version that just covers the eyes area. I choose the smaller one for now. I figured if my design become to large I can always go back for the full face mask.

I am going to keep my entire design a surprise for now, but I will tell you it has flowers, leaves, and lace. All of which will be styled for Fall, since the FFI is in September. I believe that this will be quite a challenge and a very fun project to work on, until we all invade Orlando.

Speaking Of Orlando, I browsed the FFI website not long ago and it looks like there is going to be some down time during the events, I am thinking ROAD TRIP to LYS in Orlando! Let me know if you are going and if a mini shopping event sounds fun.

Happy Hooking!


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