Weekend Recap

I apologize for this post being later than anyone anticipated; but let me tell you it was an amazingly full weekend, and I had to get back into the groove of day job and school before posting again. Well to begin, I already posted several picture to my twitter feed from FFI. Follow me to see them all (I’m only going to post relevant ones here). Twitter name is @Kari_Foland

There were so many things to see and do at FFI if I went into great detail about them all then I/you would be here all day and night reading this post! As an over view though, Friday was a nice ease into it day with the venders setting up their stands and people mingling together meeting new friends and catching up with the old ones too.

Saturday was the main day. there were classes that where very informative. I chose to go to the design and photography classes ( I even bought a new digital camera to use for the class). In-between the classes and demos, the vendors kept busy with the close to a couple hundred people browsing and buying to their hearts content.All the while the Spinning circle was in full “spin” (pun intended).

I had the pleasure of meeting several nice ladies from my part of Florida. I was even invited to start going  a local weaving and spinning group that meets at the Heritage Village in Largo. I was so inspired by all the spinning and fibery goodness I bought myself a spindle and got a lesson on how to use it, so now I have second crafting skill to master.

Alas it all came to an end to quickly. I can not wait for next years FFI. Ireland here we come (Figuratively of course).

Happy Hooking and Spinning!


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