Liebster Blog Award

I have recently been sent an acknowledgement from a fellow blogger that I have been awarded/nominated the Liebster award. After some research I found the original Blog post (and Creator of the Liebster) at Bird of Paradise, who is a German, thus the actually name of the award is the Love Blog award. I also found out that many of the rules have changed over the 2 years this chain mail award have been in existence.

I do want to thank the lovely Rainbow Junkie, for nominating me. It is an honor to be known by a fellow crafty blogger.

The rules of the current award may be found at RJ’s webpage, and I think I will do my own variation of the current rules mixed with the Original rule from the Bird of Paradise  blog. I realize that the German blog is of course in German (crazy right and we thought everyone spoke English). So I put the whole thing into Google translate and came up with this ROUGH English version:

“So here are the instructions:
You have been tagged and want to participate?
Create a post by you and post the Love Blog image and the instructions. You should also link to the blog of the person who gave you the award and inform them by Commenting in her blog that you leave out the award annimst & her the link of your posts Award. Then you are thinking about you 3-5 favorite blogs that you follow in your post link them & the respective owners by Comment on their blog – function will inform that they have been tagged and here follows putting its link to the post, where the declaration is. Love Blog: The aim of this action is that we bring unknown blogs to light, so I would you ask any blogs to items that already have been 3,000 readers, but talented beginners and people that although blogging been a while but still not as well known.”

The differences of these rule and the current Liebster rules are that there is a questionnaire (which I like, it helps us get to know one another and the readers learn a bit more about the crazy in our minds).  And to nominate 11 blogs instead of 3-5. I think 11 is a bit much so I think I will stick with the Original rules on that one.

The following questions are from the blog of the Rainbow Junkie.

1) Why did you start a blog?

* I started a blog for several reasons; mostly to keep me inspired the craft I love. Also I found that out of the blogs I follow there is not one of JUST Crochet they were all knitting (though there is nothing wrong with that), or they were technical blogs of just stitches, and no fun. So I want to bring the Fun Back to Crochet Blogs.

2) How many blogs do you follow?

* Religiously, I follow one blog and two blog/video-casts ( these will be linked in later).

3)What makes you happy?

*Good food, a Clean House, and LOTS of Craft Time.

4)What is your favorite food?

* It changes periodically, but as a constant there is deviled eggs (No Relish), Salmon, Cobb salad, and Lidnt Whit Chocolate Truffles.

5)What sort of weather do you like best?

* In Florida the best time of year is Fall because after the sweltering heat of summer, the cool nights and breezy days are a welcome change.

6)Which famous person would you most like to meet?

* I would have to say a young Frank Sinatra. I just want him to sing to me for a while.

7)Where would you most like to go for a holiday?

* I have alway wanted to see the changing leave of fall, since they don’t really change in Florida. So I think a fall holiday on Drummond Island Michigan, would be perfect. Or I can go in Winter (I’ve never seen Snow either).

8)What sort of books do you like to read?

*Usually I prefer historical Fiction/Romance, but lately I have been really getting into yarn mystery’s and knitting novels.

9) What style of music do you prefer?

*I listen to Country in the car, but if I had a choice it would be Jazz, or a Sinatra/Adele/Micheal Buble mix.

10) What characteristic do you hope other people will most value in you?

*My attention to detail, Great Listener, and the ability to make my friends laugh but my goofiness.

(I hate odd numbers, even prime ones, so I cut out a question Sorry it’s and OCD thing)

Now, on to my nominees, And the Awards go to:

******Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The YarnHarlot)

******Laura and Leslie (The KnitGirllls)

******Amy Beth (TheFatSquirrelSpeaks)

Thank you all for reading my musing’s. I hope you enjoys this peek into my mind, and please check out the above blogs there are amazing.

Happy Hooking!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rainbowjunkiecorner
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 09:26:03

    Good on you for finding the original site. Three to five is a much better number :-). Really interesting answers to the questions.


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