This New Year

I want to start with an apology to anyone who is reading this thinking “Where the hell did that girl go?” Well it has been quite interesting these past few months, but now all seems to be back to normal (whatever normal really is).

I had many life changes starting last fall, and it has taken me until now to get back to the fibery goodness in my life. I broke up my relationship with a very nice guy (he just wasnt mr. Right); moved into my own apartment


Yup It has It’s own Yarn/Craft Closet!!!!

Adapted to the new surroundings and bill pay shuffle; and I still have my day-job (LionBrand/JordianPaige has still yet to call me about my dream job) but I am working on a promotion which means I have been spending more time at work. With all of these things happening all at once I became very stressed and ended up in the hospital for a few days (I’m perfectly fine now thank you).  But for some unknown reason instead of delving deeper into my sanctuary of Fiber, I actually had to back away.

This is the reason I know that i am completely back to being me, because I am obsessed again with all things fiber.

And so I give you the project I am currently working on.


This scarf was actually suppose to be a triangle shawl (a free pattern from Michael’s) Somewhere in the beginning I miss read the pattern, and so instead of Froging it I decided it is my personal way of Rebelling against societies ideals and need for perfection in everything.


This project is actually my First Commission sale. It is a table runner I found on Ravelry. The buyer will remain nameless. I am thoroughly enjoying making this, it is made with Sugar’n Cream Cotton in the Earth Ombre colorway.

This post comes quite conveniently at the same time as this blogs first birthday. Hopefully Many More!

Happy Hooking!


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