Weekend Recap

I apologize for this post being later than anyone anticipated; but let me tell you it was an amazingly full weekend, and I had to get back into the groove of day job and school before posting again. Well to begin, I already posted several picture to my twitter feed from FFI. Follow me to see them all (I’m only going to post relevant ones here). Twitter name is @Kari_Foland

There were so many things to see and do at FFI if I went into great detail about them all then I/you would be here all day and night reading this post! As an over view though, Friday was a nice ease into it day with the venders setting up their stands and people mingling together meeting new friends and catching up with the old ones too.

Saturday was the main day. there were classes that where very informative. I chose to go to the design and photography classes ( I even bought a new digital camera to use for the class). In-between the classes and demos, the vendors kept busy with the close to a couple hundred people browsing and buying to their hearts content.All the while the Spinning circle was in full “spin” (pun intended).

I had the pleasure of meeting several nice ladies from my part of Florida. I was even invited to start going  a local weaving and spinning group that meets at the Heritage Village in Largo. I was so inspired by all the spinning and fibery goodness I bought myself a spindle and got a lesson on how to use it, so now I have second crafting skill to master.

Alas it all came to an end to quickly. I can not wait for next years FFI. Ireland here we come (Figuratively of course).

Happy Hooking and Spinning!


Packing Troubles

As I prepare myself for the weekend at FFI; I think I am packing to much yarn. Don’t yell at me! I know it’s a curse word to say “To Much Yarn” . Unfortunately I  am packing almost my entire stash to go with me  to Orlando. There is a Garage sale on Sunday morning and I have already set aside some stash to sell or trade at the sale. Other than that I am concerned with the amount of yarn I am bring to work on in the classes and as travel projects. Since I have no Current WIP, it makes the decision of what to bring more difficult. this stage in my crafting universe I like to call Purgatory “the in-between”.

There are so many projects I’d like to begin but choosing one of them is hard:




Pokemon stuffed animals


Table Runner


There are so many things I want to accomplish (Most all of them by Christmas).

Did I forget to mention that there will be vendors there selling lovely fiber products! Needless to say either way I will be coming home with much more yarn then I started with. Also I am hoping to find Inspiration for other projects during the FFI.

I think I am ready now,

Hope to see you and your stash there

Count down to the FFI

It is only 3 days from the official start of the 9th annual Florida Fiber In!! Are you as excited as I am? The fun and excitement of meeting friends from Ravelry, and really seeing how many Fiber Artists live in this southern state.

From what I can gather from the 2012 schedule in the Florida Fiber In website, Sat is the Big day to be there. With classes galore, about everything from spinning to pattern design and even photographing your finished projects (this one I am looking forward to).

Of course we cannot forget the vendors who are attending:
Funny Face Farms
Four Purls Yarn Shop
A Fuzzy Farm
Sunshine Knit Designs
Ewephoric Fibers
Uncommon Threads
Yarn It

This years theme is Italy so make sure to bring your Venetian Masks to wear in the Parade (Handmade with yarny stuffs). There will be door prizes after the parade for the best masks. I am still working on mine and probably will be until the last second. I wish you all luck!

As a bonus even if I don’t finish my mask on time I’ll still get to use it for Halloween, “witch” (Pun intended) is just around to corner!

You don’t want to leave to early on Sunday. The Garage sale it still something  to check out! There will be tables set up for attendees to bring unwanted stash items and sell or trade with one another. I have been looking around the area where the event is held and I think a road trip to some of the LYS is in order. Who’s with me?!

Hope to see you all there!

Keep Calm and Crochet on!

P.S. I will be continuously posting to my Twitter account from the FFI with pics and fun things happening. Follow me on Twitter for all the updates @Kari_Foland

It’s Done!!

After a long and hard road  (I now LOATH color changes), the pillow covering is complete. Just as a recap, I have been working on this project for a little over two months now. I have hated it, I have loved it, and once I wanted to turn it into a tea cozy but now it’s finally finished. It has taken me longer than normal to compete this singular project because I cannot always cart heavy and bulky projects wherever I go. As it is now, my day job does not allow me to have my yarn near the food service equipment (damn).

The Original Project Is from Lion Brand. It is called the Zig-Zag Pillow. It is suppose to be made with FIVE different colors (I would have freaking died!). But I chose a beach-like color theme and only used three colors. I still followed the original pattern, but changed the last two color changes to repeat my main two colors. (I used some of my stash yarn, Medium Weight, 4ply, on a J hook) Some of my personal pattern/yarn details are available at Ravelry (JigglyPuffSticher).

It is mostly finished, all there is left to do is weave in the ends, sew up two sides, add the Poly-fill ( which is a filling for stuffed animals or pillows) sew it together, and mail that sucker out of here. Yay!

Any one happen to know what in State shipping for a pillow is?

If the recipient is reading this; it’s done and on the way. I’m sorry it’s late but I hope the thought that I made it for you counts just as much. And I hope you at least like it a little bit, but IF you don’t like it. . . Lie to me!!!(I will probably cry)

Happy Hooking!

P.S. One edge might look a little weird compared to the others, don’t mind that, it was a huge minor mistake in finishing design and I wasn’t using the pattern was up late finishing this gift.

P.P.S I did not block this item because I haven’t the blocking boards or pins or space right now to attempt such. *See this subject in a later post*

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FF-I Mask Update

As some of you might Remember from a previous post, I am making a Mask to enter into the Florida Fiber-In (for more info see Events tab at top of Page) Mask Parade. If you are a new Follower; Welcome and Thank you, also you can look for more info about the mask in the Post (appropriately) Titled “Mask”.

I finally found the Perfect Yarns and Colors to use for my mask design. I decided on a Fall theme, but I am worried that I went a little to far and got Christmas instead of Fall. What do you think?

I will be using the Black and Gold ({Black: Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3, 100% Cotton, Super Fine, 150yds.}{Gold: Aunt Lydia’s Metallic 10, 88% Cotton / 12% Metallic, Lace, 100yds.} ) thread, Held together, to make the mask base which I will be attaching to the plastic pre-made mask.

After which I intend on using the Variegated(Red Heart Soft, 100% acrylic, medium, 212yds) to make some adorable Flowers. And Finally I will be using the Brown (Vanna’s Glamour, 96% Acrylic/4%Metallic, Fine, 202yds.) for Leaves for the flowers. Both the Patterns for the flowers and leaves I found at the Lion Brand Website’s Pattern Finder (Great Resource).

How do you like the color combination? Let me know I was very undecided on whether to get the Gold thread or a White thread.

Happy Hooking!

P.S. I am going to endeavor to photo all of my stash and update my Ravelry Account this weekend. If you would like to contact me through Ravelry my User name is JigglyPuffSticher.

  • Mask!! (floridianfibers.wordpress.com)

Procrastinating Socks

I promised my fiancé a long time ago, that I would make him a pair of crochet socks when he asked me to marry him… Well he is my fiancé, so now I have to make socks; I am terrified super excited about making them for many reasons. One reason being, that I have yet to endeavor anything like adult socks (or any garment really); and this is my chance to expand my Crochet horizons and increase my skills. I have made baby booties for friends before but I think an adult sock is a little bit different, because if they don’t look right or do not fit properly, the baby won’t/can’t hurt my feelings inform me to the mistakes or fitting.

As a ploy to look Cool, Calm, and Collected; I took Joe (the Fiancé) to a Yarn shop with me to pick out the colors for his new sock.

As you can see the yarn he picked is some lovely Paton Kroy Sock Yarn (1.75oz per skein, Super Fine weight, Color# 55048). I picked up four skeins, just in case (mostly I had no clue how much I would need, but Joe didn’t need to know that).

After a while of Joe bugging me constantly about socks, I picked up a book entitled I can’t believe I’m Crocheting Socks!  I purchased this from my local craft store.  That shut him up for a while trying to decide which of the 12 patterns he liked more for his first pair of handmade socks. (If you haven’t guessed by now I have been majorly procrastinating on making these socks)

He did however decide. . .

Now that there are no more excuses, I have been trying to make a “mock sock”. This is a starter sock so I can practice the patterns and stitches before beginning the Real Socks.  I even took a class at my local crafting store on sock making, but to no avail I got stuck on my uneven toes in the toe-up patterns. But for the past few weeks I have been researching the different sock styles and looking up videos on YouTube. I do believe that I am ready to try again. (Cuff-Down this time)

Just do me a Favor and don’t tell Joe, if I finally get these socks right then they will be given as a Christmas or Birthday present.

Wish Me Luck (I’m Going to Need It!).

Happy Hooking!

P.S.  I have been using a different yarn with my “mock sock”, than the Kroy. The reason being, that I knew I would be Frogging the “mock sock” a lot, and I didn’t want to mess up Joe’s sock Yarn (I so Smart!).

P.P.S. Just in case you all got worried, the Practice yarn is the same weight and ply of the Kroy. I knew it had to be in order to get my gauge right and so I would be seeing the same thing as on the Real Socks.

UFO’s / WIP’s / PHD’s

For any one who doesn’t know already; UFO means UnFinished Objects, and WIP is Work In Progress. Either is correct it just depends on your favorite saying. So I am creating this post to update you all on my current PHD, I like this acronym best, it means Projects Half Done.

I am finally almost through with my beachy pillow (The END is NIGH!). This project has made me realize how much I hate color changing and weaving in ends.

I am still working on getting all the supplies I need in order to make the Mask for the FFI. But I am very excited for my  creations!

(No picture yet Sorry)

Also I am waiting on a package to arrive so I can get started on my Choker for I Love Yarn Day (Oct 12, 2012) (there will be more on that soon).
I am using my hand-dyed/hand-spun Mohair, that I bought from Funny Face Farms a while ago.

Alternating Choker

Now on to the Finished Objects (FO’s).

I found out recently that a co-worker of mine, is pregnant. Even though I don’t know her very well, I miraculously made a set of Baby Booties for her new baby boy. It is miraculous because I did it in less than three days ( the last time I made this pattern it took me almost a week to finish up).

That’s it for me this time! What are you working on? What would you like to share?

Happy Hooking!

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