Oh the Irony

As this year’s ILY day draws to a close, we are smitten even more with the fibery goodness that makes up who we are as crafters. Some of you may have brought your craft to work today, or made a piece of jewelry to wear, or ordered/received a new yarn at the LYS or online. But while most of you had an amazing day with yarn, I had my hopes crushed.
Let me elaborate. . .

This morning began like any other; except for  the amazing anticipation for the yarn I ordered from MaryMaxim. Bernat Satin yarns 6skiens, enough to make 2 prayer shawls as Christmas gifts for family members. I had previously missed the UPS guy before and was hopeful to be there when he/she came back the second time. Alas it was not to be, I missed them again!

I called UPS and asked them to hold the package for me to pick it up in person this evening. I trudged down to the warehouse customer care center, and I was thwarted again! The driver wasn’t back yet and wouldn’t be for another 45 minutes.

I am not one for which patience is an option, (pair that with not having any yarn to play with) but I decided that this would be worth the wait. Then I could go home and fondle my new wonderful yarns, to start my holiday gifting lists.  I made it through, received my package and went home.

While in my crafty corner, with an ice cold cola. I opened the lovely bag of fiber goodness. Immediately my face fell. The colors were to bright than what was showed online, I wanted subtle colors and I got 3skeins of BRIGHT Variegated red/green/cream/pink, and 3skeins of a To Dark brown.

After a moment to compose myself I figured it was my monitor’s error, and I didn’t see the true coloring. I could deal with it, it is still lovely useable yarn. It is possible to make the shawls, they will just be a bit different than I imagined. . . Then I noticed that the variegated yarn looked a bit smaller than the brown ones. I checked the label and sure enough brown: 100g. and Variegated:80g. Then just out of curiosity I looked at my pattern for the shawl  to check the grams needed “3 skeins of 120g. Bernat Satin yarn”. This means I need another skein of each at least.

I flipped!! Not only were the colors off majorly but I didn’t have even close to enough to make the shawls.

What to do now, resell the skeins, try and return them, or Keep Calm and Order More Yarn!

The irony of this day is vexing.

Happy Hooking!


Packing Troubles

As I prepare myself for the weekend at FFI; I think I am packing to much yarn. Don’t yell at me! I know it’s a curse word to say “To Much Yarn” . Unfortunately I  am packing almost my entire stash to go with me  to Orlando. There is a Garage sale on Sunday morning and I have already set aside some stash to sell or trade at the sale. Other than that I am concerned with the amount of yarn I am bring to work on in the classes and as travel projects. Since I have no Current WIP, it makes the decision of what to bring more difficult. this stage in my crafting universe I like to call Purgatory “the in-between”.

There are so many projects I’d like to begin but choosing one of them is hard:




Pokemon stuffed animals


Table Runner


There are so many things I want to accomplish (Most all of them by Christmas).

Did I forget to mention that there will be vendors there selling lovely fiber products! Needless to say either way I will be coming home with much more yarn then I started with. Also I am hoping to find Inspiration for other projects during the FFI.

I think I am ready now,

Hope to see you and your stash there

Procrastinating Socks

I promised my fiancé a long time ago, that I would make him a pair of crochet socks when he asked me to marry him… Well he is my fiancé, so now I have to make socks; I am terrified super excited about making them for many reasons. One reason being, that I have yet to endeavor anything like adult socks (or any garment really); and this is my chance to expand my Crochet horizons and increase my skills. I have made baby booties for friends before but I think an adult sock is a little bit different, because if they don’t look right or do not fit properly, the baby won’t/can’t hurt my feelings inform me to the mistakes or fitting.

As a ploy to look Cool, Calm, and Collected; I took Joe (the Fiancé) to a Yarn shop with me to pick out the colors for his new sock.

As you can see the yarn he picked is some lovely Paton Kroy Sock Yarn (1.75oz per skein, Super Fine weight, Color# 55048). I picked up four skeins, just in case (mostly I had no clue how much I would need, but Joe didn’t need to know that).

After a while of Joe bugging me constantly about socks, I picked up a book entitled I can’t believe I’m Crocheting Socks!  I purchased this from my local craft store.  That shut him up for a while trying to decide which of the 12 patterns he liked more for his first pair of handmade socks. (If you haven’t guessed by now I have been majorly procrastinating on making these socks)

He did however decide. . .

Now that there are no more excuses, I have been trying to make a “mock sock”. This is a starter sock so I can practice the patterns and stitches before beginning the Real Socks.  I even took a class at my local crafting store on sock making, but to no avail I got stuck on my uneven toes in the toe-up patterns. But for the past few weeks I have been researching the different sock styles and looking up videos on YouTube. I do believe that I am ready to try again. (Cuff-Down this time)

Just do me a Favor and don’t tell Joe, if I finally get these socks right then they will be given as a Christmas or Birthday present.

Wish Me Luck (I’m Going to Need It!).

Happy Hooking!

P.S.  I have been using a different yarn with my “mock sock”, than the Kroy. The reason being, that I knew I would be Frogging the “mock sock” a lot, and I didn’t want to mess up Joe’s sock Yarn (I so Smart!).

P.P.S. Just in case you all got worried, the Practice yarn is the same weight and ply of the Kroy. I knew it had to be in order to get my gauge right and so I would be seeing the same thing as on the Real Socks.

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