Oh the Irony

As this year’s ILY day draws to a close, we are smitten even more with the fibery goodness that makes up who we are as crafters. Some of you may have brought your craft to work today, or made a piece of jewelry to wear, or ordered/received a new yarn at the LYS or online. But while most of you had an amazing day with yarn, I had my hopes crushed.
Let me elaborate. . .

This morning began like any other; except for  the amazing anticipation for the yarn I ordered from MaryMaxim. Bernat Satin yarns 6skiens, enough to make 2 prayer shawls as Christmas gifts for family members. I had previously missed the UPS guy before and was hopeful to be there when he/she came back the second time. Alas it was not to be, I missed them again!

I called UPS and asked them to hold the package for me to pick it up in person this evening. I trudged down to the warehouse customer care center, and I was thwarted again! The driver wasn’t back yet and wouldn’t be for another 45 minutes.

I am not one for which patience is an option, (pair that with not having any yarn to play with) but I decided that this would be worth the wait. Then I could go home and fondle my new wonderful yarns, to start my holiday gifting lists.  I made it through, received my package and went home.

While in my crafty corner, with an ice cold cola. I opened the lovely bag of fiber goodness. Immediately my face fell. The colors were to bright than what was showed online, I wanted subtle colors and I got 3skeins of BRIGHT Variegated red/green/cream/pink, and 3skeins of a To Dark brown.

After a moment to compose myself I figured it was my monitor’s error, and I didn’t see the true coloring. I could deal with it, it is still lovely useable yarn. It is possible to make the shawls, they will just be a bit different than I imagined. . . Then I noticed that the variegated yarn looked a bit smaller than the brown ones. I checked the label and sure enough brown: 100g. and Variegated:80g. Then just out of curiosity I looked at my pattern for the shawl  to check the grams needed “3 skeins of 120g. Bernat Satin yarn”. This means I need another skein of each at least.

I flipped!! Not only were the colors off majorly but I didn’t have even close to enough to make the shawls.

What to do now, resell the skeins, try and return them, or Keep Calm and Order More Yarn!

The irony of this day is vexing.

Happy Hooking!


I Love Yarn Day

October 12th 2012, is “I Love Yarn Day”! What are you going to do to celebrate Yarn Day? The Craft Yarn Council has a website dedicated to I♥YD (I Love Yarn Day). Also the editor of Crochet Today mentioned it in her opening letter of the Sept/Oct 2012 issue. There are many ways to celebrate Yarn Day (most of which are posted at the craft council website). Some of the ideas for I♥YD include. . .

I Love Yarn Day Oct. 14, 2011

Create an I Love Day Yarn badge: Patterns for Badges are on CYC (Craft Yarn Council)

Teach someone to knit or crochetWith the popularity of Yarn craft increasing lately will be an easy job to help someone who is just starting out, or to teach a new enthusiast of Yarn how to knit or crochet.

Do something for charity: There are many charities available to anyone who would like to donate their time or a crafted item, Warm Up America is associated with ILY day through the CYC. Also the Linus Project is another great charity making blankets for children. Most churches often have charity groups who make blankets for the homeless, or baby hats and clothes for hospitals. Check out your local area charities to get involved.

Wear a knitted or crocheted item: Anything could be worn if you try hard enough. Low on time? Why not make a quick chain bracelet, ring, or headband to show your love for yarn.

Give a gift of yarn:  Do you have friends or relatives that love yarn too? Why not give them a new yarn, maybe something you know they have been wanting to buy or try out themselves. How about a novelty yarn just for fun, or maybe a lovely luxury yarn for something special. For the Non-Yarnies in your life why not make something special for them just to remind them you care.

Take your yarn to work day: Incorporating Yarn into your working area is easy. If your boss will allow it, decorate your work space with some adorable crochet flowers or Yarn covered office organizers. I love to bring my crochet projects to work, so I can work on them during my lunch hour (I feel productive and relaxed when I get back from my break because of my crafting time).

Pen and Pencil Holders Office Supplies Crochet Set of Two Cans Upcycled Tin Can Unisex

Have a Yarn-A-Bration: Get some friends together and craft, or maybe do a yarn-swap! By bringing your old unwanted yarns together their maybe someone who needs/wants just what you got and you can pick something new for yourself. Don’t for get the snacks, drinks, and good music!

Knit, crochet and craft in public: No matter if your out to lunch, waiting in line, at the doctors office, or at the park; bring your yarn with you! Don’t be shy everyone who is looking at you is thinking just how amazing you are, because you are able to make something great out of a bit of fiber! I bet you will get many people interested in Yarn Crafting too, we are not in a super secret club, anyone can join! Also if you are the brave one to start crafting Out Loud first, then you won’t be alone for long.

Tweet it, Tag it, Like it, Share It, Pin it: This is self explanatory, use your favorite social media sites and post LOTS of stuff about Yarn Day or yarn related things!!

Go to your LYS: Knitmap is a great place to find out about your Local Yarn Shops (LYS). I found that it is much simplier then trying to hassel with google search results. Many LYS in my area include; StitchWorm, The Flying Needles, Tampa UpCycle, Knit N Knibble, Fiber Art Inc, and Uncommon Threads.

Join a Fiber Social Media site: There are many sites to join that are yarn friendly or fiber based such as; Ravelry, Crochet Spot, Crochet Me, or Crochetville. Join one today and “hook-up” with other Yarnies.

Have a Happy Yarn Day!

Happy Hooking!

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