Jordana Paige Review

Who isn’t looking for that one perfect bag that can hold all your essentials and your yarn craft projects. I found a company who has this ideal in mind. Jordana Paige, this is a USA company which it based pout of California. These bags have become very popular in the yarn craft community mostly because of their versatility.

Many different blogs and Video pod-casts have reviewed Jordana Paige’s bags, I have been hard pressed to find a bad review of these bags. Some review videos can be found at the Jordana Paige website.

Not to long ago, about 3 months, I was lucky enough to purchase a L.J Kaelms. I have been fairly pleased with it so far. I am a bit O.C.D, so these bags are right up my alley; with all the pockets for hooks, needles, pens and such. I also like how tall this particular bag is (it is the second tallest, the Messenger being #1), which allows for patterns or a Tablet.

Yes Mine is in Red.

Although these bags are a bit on the expensive side (around $89 apiece), it is well worth the investment. I have heard of women using their JP’s for multiple years with no noticeable wear on them.

I am very hard on my purses, and I have noticed a bit of wear on mine. Like one of the metal feet on the bottom of the bag has fallen off, also there are a couple of scratches on the backside of the bag; mostly likely from a belt with metal grommets which scraped the side. Other than that, I Love this bag!

During the month of October, JP is offering a deal of 10% off the Knitter’s Satchel (which brings down the price to $80.10), in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The only color offered is Pink, and with every purchase of a Satchel 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Also with each purchase of the Satchel you will receive a 10% off coupon code to Hazel Knits Colorway of the Month; which happens to be Pink Ribbon, for October.

This is gorgeous bag, I have been wanting a second JP for a while now and I think This might be just the perfect time to buy a new knitting bag and help contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness.

What is your favorite Project bag?

Happy Hooking!


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