This New Year

I want to start with an apology to anyone who is reading this thinking “Where the hell did that girl go?” Well it has been quite interesting these past few months, but now all seems to be back to normal (whatever normal really is).

I had many life changes starting last fall, and it has taken me until now to get back to the fibery goodness in my life. I broke up my relationship with a very nice guy (he just wasnt mr. Right); moved into my own apartment


Yup It has It’s own Yarn/Craft Closet!!!!

Adapted to the new surroundings and bill pay shuffle; and I still have my day-job (LionBrand/JordianPaige has still yet to call me about my dream job) but I am working on a promotion which means I have been spending more time at work. With all of these things happening all at once I became very stressed and ended up in the hospital for a few days (I’m perfectly fine now thank you).  But for some unknown reason instead of delving deeper into my sanctuary of Fiber, I actually had to back away.

This is the reason I know that i am completely back to being me, because I am obsessed again with all things fiber.

And so I give you the project I am currently working on.


This scarf was actually suppose to be a triangle shawl (a free pattern from Michael’s) Somewhere in the beginning I miss read the pattern, and so instead of Froging it I decided it is my personal way of Rebelling against societies ideals and need for perfection in everything.


This project is actually my First Commission sale. It is a table runner I found on Ravelry. The buyer will remain nameless. I am thoroughly enjoying making this, it is made with Sugar’n Cream Cotton in the Earth Ombre colorway.

This post comes quite conveniently at the same time as this blogs first birthday. Hopefully Many More!

Happy Hooking!


I Love Yarn Day

October 12th 2012, is “I Love Yarn Day”! What are you going to do to celebrate Yarn Day? The Craft Yarn Council has a website dedicated to I♥YD (I Love Yarn Day). Also the editor of Crochet Today mentioned it in her opening letter of the Sept/Oct 2012 issue. There are many ways to celebrate Yarn Day (most of which are posted at the craft council website). Some of the ideas for I♥YD include. . .

I Love Yarn Day Oct. 14, 2011

Create an I Love Day Yarn badge: Patterns for Badges are on CYC (Craft Yarn Council)

Teach someone to knit or crochetWith the popularity of Yarn craft increasing lately will be an easy job to help someone who is just starting out, or to teach a new enthusiast of Yarn how to knit or crochet.

Do something for charity: There are many charities available to anyone who would like to donate their time or a crafted item, Warm Up America is associated with ILY day through the CYC. Also the Linus Project is another great charity making blankets for children. Most churches often have charity groups who make blankets for the homeless, or baby hats and clothes for hospitals. Check out your local area charities to get involved.

Wear a knitted or crocheted item: Anything could be worn if you try hard enough. Low on time? Why not make a quick chain bracelet, ring, or headband to show your love for yarn.

Give a gift of yarn:  Do you have friends or relatives that love yarn too? Why not give them a new yarn, maybe something you know they have been wanting to buy or try out themselves. How about a novelty yarn just for fun, or maybe a lovely luxury yarn for something special. For the Non-Yarnies in your life why not make something special for them just to remind them you care.

Take your yarn to work day: Incorporating Yarn into your working area is easy. If your boss will allow it, decorate your work space with some adorable crochet flowers or Yarn covered office organizers. I love to bring my crochet projects to work, so I can work on them during my lunch hour (I feel productive and relaxed when I get back from my break because of my crafting time).

Pen and Pencil Holders Office Supplies Crochet Set of Two Cans Upcycled Tin Can Unisex

Have a Yarn-A-Bration: Get some friends together and craft, or maybe do a yarn-swap! By bringing your old unwanted yarns together their maybe someone who needs/wants just what you got and you can pick something new for yourself. Don’t for get the snacks, drinks, and good music!

Knit, crochet and craft in public: No matter if your out to lunch, waiting in line, at the doctors office, or at the park; bring your yarn with you! Don’t be shy everyone who is looking at you is thinking just how amazing you are, because you are able to make something great out of a bit of fiber! I bet you will get many people interested in Yarn Crafting too, we are not in a super secret club, anyone can join! Also if you are the brave one to start crafting Out Loud first, then you won’t be alone for long.

Tweet it, Tag it, Like it, Share It, Pin it: This is self explanatory, use your favorite social media sites and post LOTS of stuff about Yarn Day or yarn related things!!

Go to your LYS: Knitmap is a great place to find out about your Local Yarn Shops (LYS). I found that it is much simplier then trying to hassel with google search results. Many LYS in my area include; StitchWorm, The Flying Needles, Tampa UpCycle, Knit N Knibble, Fiber Art Inc, and Uncommon Threads.

Join a Fiber Social Media site: There are many sites to join that are yarn friendly or fiber based such as; Ravelry, Crochet Spot, Crochet Me, or Crochetville. Join one today and “hook-up” with other Yarnies.

Have a Happy Yarn Day!

Happy Hooking!

Bread Crumb Trail

Have you ever been lost in the “in-between”, or as I call it “Yarn Purgatory”? It is the state of mind that come after finishing your current PHD; in which your mind goes completely blank as to what to hook next? (Usually this happens only if you are a Monogamist hooker * later post will describe this in detail*)

While lost in this Purgatory it is in-advisable to watch your normal yarn based pod-casts (especially if you are one to craft during said pod-casts). Doing this causes extreme yarn envy and/or a slight depression upon seeing the pod-caster’s projects and yarn. It is also in advisable to stay up late that night and search for projects and where to order the yarn from. (please note the date and time this blog posted at 2:10am *I am ashamed*)

Other notes about Purgatory; you NEVER have the right yarn, in the right amount on hand for ANY project you wish to start. it is just a fact we have to deal with, it will be okay though. In this situation continue your project search with the specification of your stash yarn (Ravelry has this option under their projects search engine). This will help you get through the evening without buying a sweater’s worth of beautiful hunter green DK weight yarn for that new beginner’s sweater pattern you saw on, or having it sent to you express shipping for the extra $10 *I am ashamed*.

When in Doubt turn off the computer turn on the radio and whip up some washcloths.

Unless you want nice and fancy washcloths then it would not be a good idea to spends hours on Google searching for that “one absolutely perfect washcloth pattern”.

Good luck, if you find a way out… Leave a trail of yarn behind.

P.S. I’ll post picture of this amazing yarn as soon as it gets here!

Packing Troubles

As I prepare myself for the weekend at FFI; I think I am packing to much yarn. Don’t yell at me! I know it’s a curse word to say “To Much Yarn” . Unfortunately I  am packing almost my entire stash to go with me  to Orlando. There is a Garage sale on Sunday morning and I have already set aside some stash to sell or trade at the sale. Other than that I am concerned with the amount of yarn I am bring to work on in the classes and as travel projects. Since I have no Current WIP, it makes the decision of what to bring more difficult. this stage in my crafting universe I like to call Purgatory “the in-between”.

There are so many projects I’d like to begin but choosing one of them is hard:




Pokemon stuffed animals


Table Runner


There are so many things I want to accomplish (Most all of them by Christmas).

Did I forget to mention that there will be vendors there selling lovely fiber products! Needless to say either way I will be coming home with much more yarn then I started with. Also I am hoping to find Inspiration for other projects during the FFI.

I think I am ready now,

Hope to see you and your stash there

It’s Done!!

After a long and hard road  (I now LOATH color changes), the pillow covering is complete. Just as a recap, I have been working on this project for a little over two months now. I have hated it, I have loved it, and once I wanted to turn it into a tea cozy but now it’s finally finished. It has taken me longer than normal to compete this singular project because I cannot always cart heavy and bulky projects wherever I go. As it is now, my day job does not allow me to have my yarn near the food service equipment (damn).

The Original Project Is from Lion Brand. It is called the Zig-Zag Pillow. It is suppose to be made with FIVE different colors (I would have freaking died!). But I chose a beach-like color theme and only used three colors. I still followed the original pattern, but changed the last two color changes to repeat my main two colors. (I used some of my stash yarn, Medium Weight, 4ply, on a J hook) Some of my personal pattern/yarn details are available at Ravelry (JigglyPuffSticher).

It is mostly finished, all there is left to do is weave in the ends, sew up two sides, add the Poly-fill ( which is a filling for stuffed animals or pillows) sew it together, and mail that sucker out of here. Yay!

Any one happen to know what in State shipping for a pillow is?

If the recipient is reading this; it’s done and on the way. I’m sorry it’s late but I hope the thought that I made it for you counts just as much. And I hope you at least like it a little bit, but IF you don’t like it. . . Lie to me!!!(I will probably cry)

Happy Hooking!

P.S. One edge might look a little weird compared to the others, don’t mind that, it was a huge minor mistake in finishing design and I wasn’t using the pattern was up late finishing this gift.

P.P.S I did not block this item because I haven’t the blocking boards or pins or space right now to attempt such. *See this subject in a later post*

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Procrastinating Socks

I promised my fiancé a long time ago, that I would make him a pair of crochet socks when he asked me to marry him… Well he is my fiancé, so now I have to make socks; I am terrified super excited about making them for many reasons. One reason being, that I have yet to endeavor anything like adult socks (or any garment really); and this is my chance to expand my Crochet horizons and increase my skills. I have made baby booties for friends before but I think an adult sock is a little bit different, because if they don’t look right or do not fit properly, the baby won’t/can’t hurt my feelings inform me to the mistakes or fitting.

As a ploy to look Cool, Calm, and Collected; I took Joe (the Fiancé) to a Yarn shop with me to pick out the colors for his new sock.

As you can see the yarn he picked is some lovely Paton Kroy Sock Yarn (1.75oz per skein, Super Fine weight, Color# 55048). I picked up four skeins, just in case (mostly I had no clue how much I would need, but Joe didn’t need to know that).

After a while of Joe bugging me constantly about socks, I picked up a book entitled I can’t believe I’m Crocheting Socks!  I purchased this from my local craft store.  That shut him up for a while trying to decide which of the 12 patterns he liked more for his first pair of handmade socks. (If you haven’t guessed by now I have been majorly procrastinating on making these socks)

He did however decide. . .

Now that there are no more excuses, I have been trying to make a “mock sock”. This is a starter sock so I can practice the patterns and stitches before beginning the Real Socks.  I even took a class at my local crafting store on sock making, but to no avail I got stuck on my uneven toes in the toe-up patterns. But for the past few weeks I have been researching the different sock styles and looking up videos on YouTube. I do believe that I am ready to try again. (Cuff-Down this time)

Just do me a Favor and don’t tell Joe, if I finally get these socks right then they will be given as a Christmas or Birthday present.

Wish Me Luck (I’m Going to Need It!).

Happy Hooking!

P.S.  I have been using a different yarn with my “mock sock”, than the Kroy. The reason being, that I knew I would be Frogging the “mock sock” a lot, and I didn’t want to mess up Joe’s sock Yarn (I so Smart!).

P.P.S. Just in case you all got worried, the Practice yarn is the same weight and ply of the Kroy. I knew it had to be in order to get my gauge right and so I would be seeing the same thing as on the Real Socks.

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