Bread Crumb Trail

Have you ever been lost in the “in-between”, or as I call it “Yarn Purgatory”? It is the state of mind that come after finishing your current PHD; in which your mind goes completely blank as to what to hook next? (Usually this happens only if you are a Monogamist hooker * later post will describe this in detail*)

While lost in this Purgatory it is in-advisable to watch your normal yarn based pod-casts (especially if you are one to craft during said pod-casts). Doing this causes extreme yarn envy and/or a slight depression upon seeing the pod-caster’s projects and yarn. It is also in advisable to stay up late that night and search for projects and where to order the yarn from. (please note the date and time this blog posted at 2:10am *I am ashamed*)

Other notes about Purgatory; you NEVER have the right yarn, in the right amount on hand for ANY project you wish to start. it is just a fact we have to deal with, it will be okay though. In this situation continue your project search with the specification of your stash yarn (Ravelry has this option under their projects search engine). This will help you get through the evening without buying a sweater’s worth of beautiful hunter green DK weight yarn for that new beginner’s sweater pattern you saw on, or having it sent to you express shipping for the extra $10 *I am ashamed*.

When in Doubt turn off the computer turn on the radio and whip up some washcloths.

Unless you want nice and fancy washcloths then it would not be a good idea to spends hours on Google searching for that “one absolutely perfect washcloth pattern”.

Good luck, if you find a way out… Leave a trail of yarn behind.

P.S. I’ll post picture of this amazing yarn as soon as it gets here!


UFO’s / WIP’s / PHD’s

For any one who doesn’t know already; UFO means UnFinished Objects, and WIP is Work In Progress. Either is correct it just depends on your favorite saying. So I am creating this post to update you all on my current PHD, I like this acronym best, it means Projects Half Done.

I am finally almost through with my beachy pillow (The END is NIGH!). This project has made me realize how much I hate color changing and weaving in ends.

I am still working on getting all the supplies I need in order to make the Mask for the FFI. But I am very excited for my  creations!

(No picture yet Sorry)

Also I am waiting on a package to arrive so I can get started on my Choker for I Love Yarn Day (Oct 12, 2012) (there will be more on that soon).
I am using my hand-dyed/hand-spun Mohair, that I bought from Funny Face Farms a while ago.

Alternating Choker

Now on to the Finished Objects (FO’s).

I found out recently that a co-worker of mine, is pregnant. Even though I don’t know her very well, I miraculously made a set of Baby Booties for her new baby boy. It is miraculous because I did it in less than three days ( the last time I made this pattern it took me almost a week to finish up).

That’s it for me this time! What are you working on? What would you like to share?

Happy Hooking!

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